February 1, 2023 – Sydney, Australia: A new Australian app is set to help people quickly make sense of their budget, at a time where the cost of living and increase rates are rising.

Introducing simplsaver, the revolutionary new budgeting app for iPhone users in Australia. Engineered to make budgeting easy and stress-free, simplsaver offers a remarkably simple interface to help anyone create a budget in under 60 seconds.

Revolutionary in its simplicity, simplsaver’s designer had one goal in mind: get back in control of his own finances and make sense of his money problems. 

To make this happen, simplsaver relies on the KISS Principle to explain where your monthly expenditure is going and asks for only two things: your costs and your salary. 

Simply add any regularly occurring expenses to your personal simplsaver budget and then add your salary’s take-home (after tax). Simplsaver will do the rest, telling you how much you have at the end of a month.

The app includes plenty of prepopulated services, making it easy to add monthly staples such as Spotify, Netflix, Apple TV+, Xbox Game Pass, Strava, and many more. Other personal costs such as your rent, mortgage payments, and groceries and other living expenses can be entered in with ease. 

You can even add your phone and NBN payments to see where they fit. If they’re too much, see what a lower cost plan would do for your budget.

This combination of money explaining features makes simplsaver the perfect app for anyone looking to take control of their finances, delivering a greater understanding to what their financial situation is and ultimately helping to simultaneously improve financial literacy.

“Budgeting is something no one does because it often takes too much time and doesn’t really explain what our money is doing,” said Leigh Stark, Creator of simplsaver. 

I built this app to explain my own finances and stopped using budgeting spreadsheets the moment it worked. You can literally explain where your money is going so quickly. It’s the fastest budget around!”

While explaining your budget is a core use for simplsaver, there are other ways to make it work for you, such as:

What’s more, simplsaver’s data is only available on the user’s phone. No personal or financial data is ever stored in the cloud, and none of it is sold to third parties. 

In an era where data breaches have become commonplace, simplsaver bucks the trend by ensuring no financial data is stored remotely or sold to anyone else. In simplsaver, your budget data is yours and stored only on your device. 

“One of the most important aspects in building simplsaver was making sure people felt safe with their data,” said Stark. 

“When I tried other budget apps, one of the pain points was this forced and implied level of trust. But I don’t know them, and I don’t want other people to have control of my data. I don’t want my financial information sold,” he said. 

“So I built this to only exist on your device, because it’s your data, not mine or anyone else’s.”

At its core, simplsaver is designed to be just that: simple. It’s the fastest budget you can find and available free from the App Store. 

The first five costs in any simplsaver budget are free, with the rest unlocked for $6.99 each year, and with more app features on the way.

“We’ve built simplsaver to be simple and easy to use, and also highly affordable,” said Stark. “For not much more than a cup of coffee, you can get a handle on your budget and make sense of what your money is doing.”

simplsaver is available now for the iPhone on iOS 16 in the Australian App Store.