What is simplsaver?

There’s a consistent message on every book and website you can find about saving money.

They all say “make a budget”. None of them ever say just how awkward that is to do.

If you’ve ever “made a budget”, you know all too well it consists of a spreadsheet you’ll fill up with information and never look at again.

If you’re lucky, you’ll check it once a year, but it won’t tell you a whole lot, and unless you’re a wizard with spreadsheets, you’ll sit there wondering why you did this in the first place.

This app aims to fix that.

simplsaver is a simple app designed to let you easily throw in your expenses and show how much they're costing you.

Simply enter your regular monthly salary, and then add your expenses using the plus sign on the main screen.

Each expense will have its monthly and yearly costs calculated, and in turn will tell you how much everything is costing you.

In short, simplsaver will show you what your regular spending is doing to your savings.

Once you know that, you might decide to cancel an account or service here and there. Some of these items will let you manage your accounts directly from a link inside the app, and that’s just the start.

We have big plans for what simplsaver can do with more on the way.

Try it for yourself.