January 22, 2024 – It’s the beginning of a new year, but your finances probably haven’t changed for the better. If you’re starting the year without an idea of how to fix your finances, it’s time to try something different. 

It’s time to think about your finances from a new perspective. 

That’s what the Australian-made easy budgeting app Simplsaver has been doing, and is ready with a unique proposition: the first budget app made to run on the Apple Vision Pro headset. 

A new style of computer that thrusts you into a virtual world where your apps are available at your fingertips, the VR version of Simplsaver is exactly like the version made for the iPhone, except it runs inside a virtual environment, showing windows side-by-side to maximise budget management. 

Both phone and VR versions support the same features, including automatic calculation for your monthly take-home, support for couples, Expense Insights, estimated cost increases using CPI, and total privacy, ensuring your data stays on your device and isn’t shared with anyone.

While the phone version is more convenient and relatable, the virtual reality version means there’s another way to see your finances. Simplsaver makes budgeting easier in every reality. 

“Budgeting may not be the most exciting use for virtual reality, but it helps demonstrate thinking about finances differently,” said Leigh Stark, Founder of Simplsaver. 

“By exploring different platforms and designs, we can find ways to help people make better sense of their finances and budget better,” he said. 

The Apple Vision Pro isn’t likely to be used by most people, though, thanks in part to its high price and limited availability. Launching for $3499 USD in February exclusively in America, it’s not an inexpensive gadget by any stretch of the imagination, and won’t be within reach of most people. But it does provide a glimpse of what’s coming, and helps developers work out “what’s next” for their apps and ideas. It’s helping pave the way for Simplsaver on other devices.

“While the Apple Vision Pro isn’t likely to be used for budgeting in Australia, building and testing a budget app for new platforms gives us a different perspective on how to make budgeting easier. It provides an idea of how to make our app better for everyone,” said Stark.

“Even without a VR headset, you can easily make a change. Use your phone and start a 30 second budget, or grab an extra screen, like your laptop or tablet, and quickly compare and reduce costs. It’s so simple.”

simplsaver is available now on the App Store for the iPhone and Vision Pro. 

Learn how it works with our 30 second real-time demo video or the VR experience. Alternatively, check out the press kit