How simplsaver works

Budgets are hard. Budgets are complex. And if anyone ever tells you that “you need a budget”, they’ve probably never looked at how time poor we all are.


They take time, they can be messy, and once you build it, good luck ever referring back to it again.


We’re all told to build a budget, but no one ever tells you how to build an easy budget.

Budgets are hard, simplsaver isn't.

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We’ve built simplsaver to be the very opposite of the complex budget. Rather, it’s an easy budget, and one so easy, anyone with an iPhone can make a budget of their costs.


Download the app and you’ll see a screen waiting for you to enter your costs with the big plus button at the bottom.


Hit that and you can add costs of all kinds, from mortgage and rent to phone and NBN, with many services pre-populated so you don’t have to remember how much they cost.


You can add anything and everything that’s a regular payment, categorising them and then adding your salary.

The app will do the rest, working out how much every weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and yearly cost is doing to your monthly take-home.

If you’ve ever wondered why your money keeps going down despite you feeling you should be getting on top of things, you might want to try simplsaver.

Revolutionary in its simplicity, it makes it possible for anyone to turn their spends into a budget, and all entirely on your device.

Try it for yourself.