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We think simplsaver fairly easy to use, but you still might have some questions about it. If that’s you, here are our most frequently asked questions, plus a contact form to talk to us on, just in case you can’t find the support you need. 

How does simplsaver work?

We've designed simplsaver to be really easy: simply add regular costs to the list using the big "plus" button, and we'll tally up the costs. 


Head to the settings menu and you'll be able to throw in your regular salary.


With all of this information, we'll join the dots and find out how much you're spending monthly, detailing it for you on the main screen.

Is the data all private?

Yes! This is one of our big points. All data sits on your device, and only on your device. We're not sending it  to the cloud at all. This is just on your device, which we think is incredibly important, especially in an age where data leaks are so common. For more information, just check our privacy policy.

What can I find simplsaver on?

As of January 2023, simplsaver is only made for iOS. That means the iPhone and iPad, and iPod Touch if you still have one of those. 


It will also work on M1 and M2 Macs. Look for it on the Mac App Store and search for "simplsaver" to find an iPhone version that can run on Apple Silicon Macs.

Is simplsaver coming to other platforms?

Yes! We're working on a version of simplsaver for Android. 

How much does simplsaver cost?

We think budgeting is important, but it shouldn't affect your actual budget too much. So we've made simplsaver 6.99 per year initially regardless of where you are, which is less than the cost of buying a pint of beer each year.

You might spend more on that on actual beers monthly, and possibly more on coffees. We even have a part of the app that can tell you exactly that.

The 6.99 price is an introductory price, however. Later on, we'll increase the price to 9.99, so get in early for a less expensive way to build a budget quickly. 

Is there a free trial?

Yes! When you download simplsaver, the first five costs are free, with an endless amount after you pay for the app.

Can I share the subscription with my family?

If you pay for simplsaver and use more devices in your family account, the subscription is linked to devices for other members of your family, just like they would be for other family app purchases. So your yearly subscription cost is good for just you or whoever else you share your family account with.

Can I share my budget with family members?

Not yet, no. We're quite serious about that whole privacy thing, so right now, the data is just on your device. You can always just be the sole budget maker for your family if you like and calculate for them, but each device will have its own set of data distinct from others.

I can't find it in my country's App Store. Why is that?

As of March 2023, simplsaver is only available on the Australian, New Zealand, UK, and US App Stores. We'll be bringing it to more countries over time.  

What happens if I can't find a service I use?

Let us know what service you use and if it you think it would be easier to have the information pre-filled for ease of use. We've tried to add the ones we think people won't remember, and that's usually movie, TV, music, fitness, and gaming services, but if you can thick of others, let us know on the form below. 

Are you adding more features?

Yes! We have a roadmap of ideas we think will help make sense of your budget. Stay tuned.

Was this really made by "journalists who like to save money"?

Yes! When he's not coding, you can find Leigh Stark writing technology journalism at and producing his award-winning podcast "The Wrap". He also appears on TV and radio from time to time, and has written for the Australian Financial Review, among other outlets.


And alongside Leigh is Scott Rhodie, a former journalist at the Scottish edition of The Sun. They're both journalists who like to save money. 

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