Keen to try simplsaver in a different country? We’ve now released our app in UK countries, too. If you use the pound sign instead of the regular dollar symbol, you now have access, too.

Simplsaver hasn’t been out long, but we’re gradually being picked up by folks.

Game-changing in its simplicity, we’re providing a way for people to budget quickly and easily, and if anything, to explain what their budget is doing.

Budget apps aren’t usually built with speed in mind, but ours is, and you can budget in as little as 60 seconds, all on your phone with no need to share it with anyone else. Simplsaver is privacy minded and built for efficiency.

Our Australian-made budget app is gradually expanding, too.

What started 2023 off as an Aussie-only app expanded to New Zealand at the start of February, and to start March, we’re launching it somewhere else, too: the UK.

This has needed a few changes, notably include the pre-populated data, which now covers “Flix Premiere” if you’re from the UK, and will be updated over time with others when UK users let us know what paid services they rely on most.

It also means you’ll see costs reflect the symbol you regularly use, the £ instead of the $. That should make our speedy budget app more relatable overall!

New Zealand and the UK are the first places we’re dabbling with for external releases, but there will be more. Stay tuned!

(Or alternatively, reach out to us at to let us know where you think we should release next)