In the past month since we released simplsaver, we’ve helped more than a few folks in Australia understand their finances. Now it’s time to see if we can help some nearby friends in New Zealand.

Budgets are hard no matter where you live, and the economy isn’t making it any easier to save your money even if you don’t live in Australia, where simplsaver was originally released.

Our interest rates are rising and the cost of living is feeling increasingly aggressive, but we’re not the only place. You only need to look over the pond to see what’s happening in New Zealand to see it is facing similar issues as well.

That’s not good for either of us, so next up on the feature and update list for simplsaver is an addition which might be able to help folks over the pond in New Zealand: support for budgets there, as well.

Expanding beyond Australia

Essentially, simplsaver now picks up on the region your iPhone is set to, loading prepopulated data for whichever country you live in. So if you live in Australia and your device’s region is “Australia”, you’ll get Australian prices for services, while if you’re in New Zealand, you’ll see New Zealand’s prices for media services and such.

That could be a big help if you’re trying to count your media spend and work out if your addiction to Netflix and Neon TV and Spotify and Xbox Cloud Gaming is affecting your budget if you live in New Zealand, or if your love of everything there sans-Neon TV is hurting your finances in Australia (because Neon TV is an NZ-only service).

Or you could just throw all of your finances in and take-home salary after tax, and find out what your budget is doing.

It all stays on your device — because privacy is important — but you’ll also get the results you need about what your finances are doing. It’s why I built simplsaver: to explain what my money was doing.

Budgets are typically difficult because they take too long to do, and budget calculators often require an extensive amount of information; simplsaver is different because it’s all about simplicity.

You only need to throw in a few things — salary and costs — and it will do the rest. It’s a budget calculator and explainer made to be easy, and it can build a budget in 60 seconds.

And it now works in both Australia and New Zealand. Huzzah!