We’re adding one more country to the list of places simplsaver is available in, as Canadian support comes to our app.

Working out your budget in no time shouldn’t be something limited to only a handful of places, nor should making a budget truly private, as in only on your phone.

Both of those are two of the main reasons we built simplsaver, but prepping the app for more places takes time.

Fortunately, we had some of that recently, and spent some time fitting our sales tax code made for the American release of the app to work for folks in Canada, as well.

The Canadian release of simplsaver isn’t just about whether you cry taxed higher in different provinces, but also working out the pre-populated services to help speed up a budget.

We’ve gotten rid of some of the American video services and replaced them with the likes of Crave, FuboTV, and Sportsnet Now, plus added an option for “TV”, which will let you add a cable or satellite service, too. Those aren’t prepopulated at this time, so check your bills to work out the monthly cost and add it to a list.

Worth noting is that simplsaver is still the same cost everywhere, asking for 6.99 to support the app, but you can try it free with the first five costs in your budget totally free.

After that, the 6.99 cost allows us to order a coffee and donut the next time (or even the first time) we make a trip to a Tim Hortons.