April 26, 2023 – Getting on top of your finances quickly is near impossible these days. 

When you have kids, a job, and life getting in the way, making sense of your budget is the last thing on your mind, even if it’s the most important thing during a cost of living crisis.

Simplsaver can change your life with a remarkably easy approach to building a budget. Game-changing in its simplicity and made in Australia, simplsaver is an easy and fast budgeting app for iPhone owners engineered to make building budgets stress-free. 

It relies on the KISS Principle to explain where your monthly expenditure is going and asks for only two things: your costs and salary. Simply add any regular expenses to your personal budget and then your salary’s take-home. The app will do the rest, telling you how much you should have at the end of a month.

The app includes a variety of pre-populated services, such as Netflix and Prime Video in “Video Services” or Spotify and Apple Music in “Music Services”, making it easy to add regular subscriptions without having to recall their costs. Other costs can be entered with ease, such as your rent, mortgage, phone, internet, shopping, and other living expenses.

This simplicity helps speed things up, and makes simplsaver the ideal app for anyone looking to take control of their finances fast, quickly exploring where their money goes.

“Budgeting is something no one does because it often takes too much time and doesn’t really explain what our money is doing,” said Leigh Stark, Creator of simplsaver. 

I built this app to explain my own finances and work out how much I had left at the end of each month. Regular budget apps can take hours or days to work,” he said.  “This one is so fast, you can explain your budget in as little as 60 seconds.”

What’s more, simplsaver’s data is only available on a user’s phone. No financial data is stored in the cloud and can’t be sold to third parties, eliminating the risk of a leak. In an era where data breaches are the norm, your financial data is held only on your phone in this app.

It’s also designed to be inexpensive: simplsaver is free from the App Store for iPhone for the first five costs in any budget, with an unlimited number of costs unlocked for 6.99 yearly.

“Working out your budget shouldn’t take long or cost much,” said Stark. “For not much more than a cup of coffee, you can make sense of what your money is doing in no time.”

simplsaver is available now on the App Store for the iPhone now in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

Images of simplsaver in action are available in the press kit. Learn how it works with our explainer video.