Building a better budget is important for everyone, but as the developer of a budgeting app, how to make the experience of building a better budget is just as important. So we’ve turned to an innovative platform to come up with our next steps.

You probably don’t think of virtual reality as a place to do your budgeting. We typically wouldn’t, and its use in media doesn’t really paint it as the ideal location for work or utilities in general.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are essentially worlds within worlds, a place where you can be immersed in an activity from a single device. Wear a specially-designed headset and your world will transform, opening up a space where apps are bigger, wider, and experiences are larger in general. A headset is attached to your eyes, projecting movies, games, photos, and more, and giving you a big place to check out worlds beyond your phone.

We wouldn’t typically associate utilities with VR.

But that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with Simplsaver in the past few months.

Ever since Apple made it possible to try apps on the Apple Vision Pro, we’ve been testing what a budget app would look like in a virtual space, though not for the reason you may think.

While the idea of building a budget in a different reality is intriguing, we don’t think anyone will necessarily go out of their way to do it. You’ll definitely be able to work and use apps from within the Apple Vision Pro platform, but we’re not sure many people will. As it is, the headset will start from $3499 USD and be available exclusively in America to start with, putting it out of reach of most people. When it does eventually arrive in Australia, expect it to cost more.

Simplsaver as seen inside the Apple Vision Pro. Your budget in VR.

However, we can experiment with building an app for virtual reality because it shows us how a mobile app can make use of a greater amount of space.

As it is, Simplsaver on the iPhone is made to be fast and easy to use. Every iPhone follows the same form-factor, and so that makes it easy to make use of the space on offer.

Android is different. Tablets are different. Android phones can be wider and offer more screen real estate, and the same is true with tablets. In working out how to build Simplsaver for more devices, we’re turning to virtual reality and augmented reality to explain how to better use space, particularly when you have more to work with.

In short, Simplsaver on visionOS helps pave the way for what Simplsaver looks like on big Android phones, on foldable Android phones, on the iPad, and on other devices with more than one style of screen.

We’re thinking about our app with a new perspective because it helps us to make a better app to budget better. It’s a handy message for everyone else, because if you’re struggling to work out how to budget better, you might want to consider the new perspective on your finances that Simplsaver can offer.

And it’ll be one more app you can use on an Apple Vision Pro if you can afford one, because while some big names aren’t releasing a supported app to go with the new device, you can find Simplsaver on visionOS at launch.

We think it’s a world first: a budgeting app made for virtual reality. Check it out below!