Rising costs meant evaluating and re-evaluating everything we were spending money on, but somehow our budget wasn’t helping. And that’s when I tried something different.

I had a problem.

Like many, the year wasn’t being made any easier by inflation and rising interest rates, not to mention increases to the cost of living. Everything was getting more expensive, and with one parent on maternity leave and only one salary to rely on, I kept looking at our budget and wondering where the money was going.

It didn’t make any sense. I thought I had accounted for everything, but the money kept on dropping.

We cut back on everything. We looked at the spends we were making monthly and changed things. Yellow alert, because we didn’t want to get to orange or red, and yet the money still dropped.

Our budget wasn’t making much of a dent, and so we had to re-evaluate yet again. And that’s when it hit me: to reign in costs, I needed to evaluate everything. Not just what we were proactively spending, but what was coming out automatically.

The necessities. The must-haves. The things that happen automatically without you thinking. Only then will the budget make sense.

It’s a good thing I was working on an app that could work with that.

It started with an idea

Earlier in 2022, a friend of mine said something about needing an app for the the tracking of subscription services.

This was the beginning of the project, but it quickly expanded. We realised we could use it to track more than just the movie and music and gaming services we were using. It could be used for the necessities, too.

Thus simplsaver was born.

In the past few months as we’ve worked on it, the idea has grown from being basic entertainment tracking to encompassing everything. You can technically throw in all of your spending, set up your regular salary take-home, and then have the app work out how much you have left at the end of each and every month.

And our problem now makes a lot more sense. We can track every spend and work out where the money is going. Importantly, we can find out how much money we have at the end of every month after all our spends are done.

This is just the beginning, though. We’ll be adding more features over time. We have some great ideas to help you make sense of your dollars and cents, and to help you budget better.